For Those Who Care,
By Those Who Care

A Medicaid program that provides eligible individuals with self- directed home care services.

Patients who require help with Activities of Daily Living (ADL) or skilled nursing services select a Personal Assistant (PA) and assume responsibility for all care-related arrangements (i.e. hiring, training, scheduling, back up coverage), while the CDPAP Agency manages all back office functions.
Recipients must be able and willing to make informed choices regarding the management of the services they receive, or have a designated representative able and willing to help make informed choices.
Caregivers under CDPAP can be family members, friends, or anyone else the patient chooses and trusts*.

*With exception to: Spouse, Designated Representative, Parent of a child under 21, Legal Guardian
Contact Prompt Homecare to handle the steps of this process:
  1. Verify Medicaid Eligibility for home care
  2. Streamline the completion of assessments by Medicaid and your insurance plan to determine eligibility for long term care, and then the frequency and duration of services.
  3. Get a physician’s request for patient home care services
  4. Assign caregiver, according to patient’s choice, who will be paid by Medicaid, through Prompt Home Care
The program is 100% FREE!! CDPAP is a benefit built into your Medicaid coverage.

Prompt Homecare acts as your Fiscal Intermediary (FI), to arrange timely payments for your Personal Assistant.
All Medicare services will remain unchanged.

All other services will be covered through Medicaid along with your CDPAP services.